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Sign this petition if you believe that one child exploited is one child too many.

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Take Action Against Child Labour in Canada's Supply Chains.

Canada imported $34 billion worth of products that are at risk of being connected to child or forced labour in 2016.  More than 1,200 companies operating in Canada are at high risk of importing these goods connected to child or forced labour. That is not right, just or the Canadian way.

Right now, it's nearly impossible for Canadians to be fully informed consumers. We don't know what-if anything- the companies and brands we buy from are doing because there is no legal requirement from them to ensure their supply chains are ethical.

 We need to demand better from the companies we buy from, and from our government. 

Use your purchasing power to protect children currently working in dangerous, dirty and degrading jobs.

Join us and the thousands of other Canadians in signing this petition - asking that the Government of Canada commit to introducing supply chain legislation in Canada. Because one child for sale is one child too many.  Sign the petition.



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